One-on-One Class

with Marty Keener Cherrix

Location: TBA (Asheville, NC)

This one-hour class is for actors of any age who want to find out why they are not booking more roles. The class is individualized to actors at every stage of their career. "What do I know after watching ten years of self-taped auditions? 90% of them are terrible!" --Marty Cherrix, CSA

Class Topics

  • How to land an audition with a casting director--self taped or in person
  • How YOU can help yourself get more bookings
  • Why some actors always repeatedly get booked--and you don't
  • How to train yourself to create a fantastic taped audition in minutes and what that looks's not about the equipment
  • auditioning and acting are not the same skill set
  • How you can train yourself to recognize a great performance through the eyes of a casting director

Class Format

Actors will work on-camera with scenes and script pages. Critique includes Marty's feedback, including suggestions for improvement. Students will receive a free e-mailed copy of their scene work.

Classes are for instructional purposes only and not a "paid audition." Taking part in the class is not a guarantee of employment.